16 Aug 2011

Things I Love - Top 10 List

(Disclaimer - I'd like to apologise in advance for this post - it's a bit waffly and not up to usual standards.  I have no excuse other than I'm exhausted, but I still wanted to post - I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly after my little hiatus in June.)

This is a very delayed post - I have no excuse - and it's a chain blog post fingy that I was asked to do by the ever lovely Siren of Brixton (check out my interview with her here). So, here are the top 10 things I love. I've taken a rather light hearted approach to this - I think you can take it for granted that I love my husband, friends + family, so they're not on the list!

1) Cake - any kind really but special mentions to chocolate fudge cake, carrott cake, coffee + walnut cake and also red velvet cake. Speshly from here - this shop has served me the only slice of cake so big I've not been able to finish it. I didn't think that was possible!

2) Black eyeliner - it's just an essential really. It makes me look like I actually have eyes for a start. It's fun too - even with the whole tricky-to-apply thing. I've even managed to achieve the ability to apply it one handed on public transport (pencil not liquid)

3) My Library. Uh, so they have like free books, yeah. genius idea. Check out this post for serious reasons why libraries are awesome

4) My laptop - so I can talk to all you people that live in it on a regular basis. And do online shopping too!

5) My bed. It's comfy. I like my duvet a lot too. This one might be motivated by the fact that I'm really tired tonight!

6) London. It's fab - the best place to live IMO. Check out this post for my favourite places in London!

7) Soy Sauce. It's my favourite condiment. And possibly my favourite flavour too. Mmmm yummy. I also like maple syrup a lot. But soy sauce is the best.

8) Climbing. It rocks. Oh, bad pun. But you know what I mean. I like climbing on plastic and real rock  It's taken me some time to really build up confidence and to get over my fear of heights but actually I'm pleased with my climbing ability - perhaps I'm not totally crap.

9) Dogs. They're fun and smiley. They're cute, they love you unconditionally, they are such good friends - and even though they smell a bit, I wouldn't be without them. Currently we don't have a dog - but hopefully one day we will :)

10) Social Media. I wouldn't have a job, a hobby or friends without it. :)

Oh, I just remembered, I have to pass this on to other bloggers so.....the lucky bloggers who need to post their top 10 things are:

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Thank you and good night

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  1. Only 10? That's difficult for someone as indecisive and verbose as I am - I'll give it a go though :) not sure if we will have any the same.. maybe one x

  2. One handed pencil eyeliner on a London Bus? I'm in awe. Even when I apply eyeliner at my dressing table I end up looking like a threeyear old experimenting with her mother's make-up sans mirror.

  3. Demon - good luck, it's tough! Looking fwd to reading yours :)

    Christine - i use very soft waxy pencil + can smudge them if neccessary. Have seen a woman apply liquid eyeliner, on a bus, one handed without a mirror PERFECTLY. Craziness. I've also seen a woman curl her eyelashes with a SPOON on a bus.

    Thanks for commenting!

    SG x

  4. I LOVE eyeliner too, but the liquid kind. I get through a tube of it every 2 weeks!

    And how do you curl your eyelashes with a spoon? Intriguing.