13 Aug 2011

Business Cards + Blog Awards - Shameless Self Promotion

I thought I'd attempt to end the week on a more light-hearted note....

Today, in the mail, I received a large sticky-taped package. I do like a large package (note to self, do not blog when - slightly - drunk, risk of rude remarks). Inside the package was something really very truly incredibly exciting (can you tell I've had 3 glasses of wine yet?). Oh yes, I didn't tell you guys this but around 2 months ago I, in my infinite wisdom decided two things:

  • to get a logo designed for the blog
  • to get business cards made up for the blog with said logo on
WTF I hear you cry, why do you, lowly bloggerette (gosh doesn't that look like cigarette) need business cards. Well Mr/Mrs/Ms  Smartypants, I need a business card because I keep going to events and wanting to blog about them and it's such a faff to write down my blog address for them - hence getting a funky logo + business cards designed.

So, with no further ado, here are pictures of said business card:

Hope you like them - the lips logo will be appearing on the blog soon :)

On another, self promoting note, I have rather uncharacteristically and immodestly nominated myself for the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards 2011. If you have, in anyway, enjoyed this blog - for whatever reason, I'd be so most incredibly grateful if you'd consider nominating me as well :)

The link is here
The category is lifestyle
And my blog address is http://generationwhynot-stupidgirl.blogspot.com

Please vote - I'll give you cake. Or at least virtual cake. And be grateful for the rest of my mortal life.

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building


  1. Loving the logo. Have voted for you :)

  2. I love the card, very professional looking. Better than the scribbling on the back of a bus ticket that I once gave someone!

  3. Lila - thank you :) sorry for the delay in responding!

    Christine - thanks, glad you like it. My graphic designer is v. talented indeed!