21 Aug 2011

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo (sneak preview)

In advance of tomorrow's photo essay, here's a sneak preview of someone I met today:

Yes, I went to London Zoo for the first time since....well actually, the first time ever I think. How surreal is it to see giraffes (or `Rafs` as the toddler I was with called them) lumbering along in slow motion as you walk into London Zoo.  I thought I was in a Dali painting for a moment.

So anyway yes, I took advantage of husbando being away for the weekend to not make any plans - and instead got invited out to the Zoo with a my friend and her little girl. I can tell you that going to the Zoo with a 22 month old is easily one of the most enjoyable things ever. "More monkeys more monkeys" and "bye bye birdie" were frequent comments.

Additionally, my biggest achievement of the day was teaching her to say awesome - "Mummy awesome" "Becky awesome". Much fun.

But you'll have to wait for the photo essay to see the rest of the "aminals". Including the penguins...too cute!

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. awww, I hate to say it, but animal detention camps can be sooo cute.....and the inmates seem sooo content....no wonder the chimpanzees throw shite at everyone.......(Guess what movie I've just seen?------{hint} Celestial Orb of the Anthropoid Primates)....But I really do like zoos and would love to see the rest of the photographs.....the 22 month old sounds adorable.

  2. We did go to London Zoo - long long time ago. Penguins were favorite then. I don't personally like seeing animals caged so have never been often.

    Other zoos Central Park :-( and New Orleans - first time we ever saw animals uncaged which was great:-)

  3. Yeah it is a bit weird seeing caged animals. I think the gorilla who scratched his bum and sniffed his hand was trying to tell us something.

    However the 2 year old I was with, loved it!