7 Aug 2011

If You Eat Standing Up There Are No Calories - Top 10 Things at a Buffet

After a poll on the facebook page, several tweets and posts, you - the people - have voted. And that was for me to list my top 10 favourite things at a buffet tonight! This was as opposed to the alternative option of my Top 10 Rock Gods. Which I will blog at some point - possibly next week - after being inspired by a show on VIVA entitled `Journey's American Classics`. Which is also why I didn't leave the house until 6pm yesterday.

Anyway I know you're waiting impatiently to see what made the shortlist for my ultimate buffet nosh. I assume that the word buffet is er, universally known, but if not a definition is `Noun: A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves.`

In the UK they are associated with most parties, weddings, funerals - anywhere in which people are gathering and will eat but without the faff of a full sit down meal. The reason to dedicate a whole top 10 to a buffet is mainly because they are an opportunity to consume as much deep-fried fattening food as possible! So here's the list - be warned folks, it may not be fat free but it certainly ain't fun free :P

1) Prawn Ring
Got to be done - this is literally a dish comprised of a ring of peeled, cooked king prawns prawns, in the centre of which there is usually marie-rose sauce or mayo to deep your peeled prawn in. I do love a good prawn. Especially a kingsize one

2) Mini Onion Bhajis
Sliced onions with garam masala in batter and deep fried. Dear god they are amazing and if I am at a buffet with these it's fair to say no one else will get a look in.

3) Mini Sausage Rolls
I love a good sausage roll anyway - always a good hangover cure - but there's something about the mini ones that make them utterly addictive. If you're looking for the crack form of a buffet it's this. Seriously, try not eating more than 2 at a time. It's not possible.

4) Mini Sausages on Sticks (preferably honey glazed)
Just.So.Yummy. I can't explain why - the meaty taste, the sweet tang of honey. The bite-size ness - implying that they really can't possibly have many calories at all. Plus when you've had a couple of glasses of wine they just really hit the spot goddammit mmmmmm

5) Cubes of Cheese + Pineapple on sticks
This is a bit of an 80's classic really. Particularly if you make a hedgehog by inserting the sticks into half an orange. You need a good sharp cheddar if you really want to make it taste good but to be honest any old yellow cheese works well. And the yummy juicy bit of pineapple. Perfection on a stick.

6) Mini Quiches/Pizzas
This stems from childhood. I distinctly remember, as a kid, that my mum would serve mini pizzas as a sort of 1980's posh canape/hors d'oeuvres before the main whenever she had a dinner party (we also had a white leather sofa and some smoked glass furniture - how 80's is that??!). Anyway very rarely I was given some manna from heaven a few mini pizzas and they were just so delicious. I believe they were purchased from M&S. So thus mini pizzas + mini quiches earned their place on this list.

7) Prawn Toasts
The 2nd of three prawn related entries on this list but I do love a good prawn toast. Definitely high in calories and MSG, low in er, anything health-giving (well, aside from making me happy) prawn toasts are the perfect complement to meaty sausage and creamy cheese. Delish :)

8) Mini Chocolate Rolls (speshly the ones from M+S)
As well the savory you've got to have some sweet stuff on your buffet table and these little chocklit rolls covered in milk chocklit are perfect....perfectly calorific that is, but they are so moreish. It's impossible to have just one for sure. Just don't leave the tub near me.

9) Smoked Salmon Blinis
Take one pre-made blini. Dollop on soured cream. Add a sliver of smoked salmon and (if you have it) some caviar. Eat. Then repeat x 100. Now lie down and drink champagne. Simples! Smoked Salmon blinis are a party in themselves. I always, for some reason, feel like a bond girl eating them.

10) Breaded Prawns + Sweet Chilli Sauce
In case I haven't got enough prawns on this list, I also like mine deep fried and with a sticky sweet sauce to dip them into. These are good with that first glass of wine - or any glass of wine frankly. The only annoying bit is what to do with the tail - leave it on the side? On a plate? Drop it on the floor? Who knows - who cares even, you're too busy munching away on the next prawn.

So that's it - the list in it's entirety. What have I missed off? What do you love? And finally, shall I have more food-related posts?

Thank you and good night

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