23 Aug 2011

Fun with Furry Friends - A zoo trip themed photo essay

As per this post, you might have noticed that I went to the zoo on sunday :) After that sneak preview, here are the rest of my snaps. It's not a huge variety, but I hope you like them anyway. Our trip was pretty much geared to what a 22month old has the attention span for .... :)

Thank you and good night.

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  1. I wonder if any of the inmates were contemplating an escape? We're waiting for the TEMPEST OF ALL TEMPESTS OVER HERE. They say Zeus is aiming for a pass right over Philadelphia and New York. I tried to purchase one of those anti-hurricane kits they sell in markets and druggists, but they were all out. I knew that would happen. Some people grabbed two. Bunch a pigs around here. So now I gotta make due with some voo-doo chant I got from the back of a box a cornflakes. Where the hell am I supposed to get ten petrified 'crawdads'?....gonna go check out your lyrics post....IDEA!---- put funny captions under the photos of the animals, or ask for them from readers.