6 Aug 2011

Fun with Wales Pt 2 - A spooky abbey photo essay

Here is the follow up to last night's photo essay about a recent trip to Wales. In the grounds of Margam Park lie the remain of a medieval monastery and I couldn't resist taking some snaps and then having a fiddle around with them on Picasa. I hope you like the results!

Thank you and good night.

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  1. Great pics! I've never used Picasa for processing - some cool effects there in keeping with the general spookiness!

  2. Lovely pics - it looks like it was a great trip! These would have been perfect for my work photo competition, themed Nature's Effect on the Built Environment...


  3. Aw thanks, glad you both liked them!

    Claire - I used Picasa on most of the photos I take. I deliberately take `bad` pictures so that I can mess around with them on Picasa - i like to play with the saturation and grainy-ness, and also the light. I really like the look of pop art/graphic novels so i try to make the photos look unreal.

    Caroline - thanks :) It was a great trip - glad you liked the pics! (fab to see you last night btw)