4 Feb 2015

Definitely A No Filters Day

I'm writing this at gone 10 in the evening after a long day day with a sick toddler in which I attempted to also get some work done. My brain is utterly frazzled, I've had 10 hours sleep since Monday (it's Wednesday evening).

So no great deep and meaningfuls this evening...only in that the house is sort of a mess, Baby45 got some pinterest-style parenting (he cut up paper with his paper scissors) and I got some work done. I'm looking pretty ratty, the spot on my chin is EVEN BIGGER WTF but I'm wearing my galaxy leggings which I'm pretty sure I'm too old for but WTF who cares.

Today has been generally `meh`. I also did some laundry, thanks to Baby45 chucking most of a bottle of milk onto a duvet which soaked through to the bed. So at least I didn't leave it to fester.

We didn't eat that unhealthily although obviously my little darling rejected home made soup for dry cornflakes, a yoghurt and some banana. He also had way too much not very diluted Ribena and I-don't-know-how-many fig rolls. But I am too tired to worry overly about it. The meltdown at bedtime due to overtiredness may have been caused by this. Or maybe just because I refused to let him watch unlimited Mister Maker on our tablet in his cot.....

In between all that, I read this post about Louise O'Neill and I realised I am being utterly pathetic and defeatist about not getting around to writing more. I don't mean blogging, I mean working on my writing project (when i say novel or book, sometimes I feel like a fraud, it's only 6k words - today is one of those days).  I need to woman up and believe in myself and my book and write the damn thing and stop worrying about genres and sell through and supermarket book clubs (there is nothing worse for the confidence of an aspiring writer than working the Sales team of major book publishers...)

So that's it for today. Let's hope for a night of better sleep and a day involving less snot and no requests for "dirty nappy back on mummy"......

Thank you and good night

Stupidgirl has left the building

PS Again, written on the hoof, sorry about that!

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