1 Feb 2015

No Filters

During my month off Facebook it's been refreshing to revel in my relative slovenliness and slummy mummy self. I've not felt any pressure (outside of my own drive and desire) to look good, cook well, be a domestic goddess and/or indulge in pinterest worthy levels of good parenting.

That's not to say everything's gone to pot but when social media constantly enables my co-dependent self to grade me as NGE (not good enough) without it I was happy to just relax and maintain my own less than photogenic but still acceptable standards in style, domestic drudgery and parenting.

Far be it from me to denigrate Facebook, Twitter and others of their ilk - I love social media - but it does enable everyone to display their life through a filter.

So in true overly ambitious style I want to try to blog every day this month under the theme #nofilter. So from the state of my eu mountain of dirty laundry,  my less than stylish outfits, dinners closer to the 1970s than 2015 and my slightly slack parenting - it'll all be aired on here.

My point is, we're not doing anyone,  least of all ourselves any favours by displaying our lives as if they were a spread in Elle Deco.  Setting unattainable standards for our lifestyles and choices only makes our quest for happiness and satisfaction even harder.  You could go down the avenue of how we're really just playing into the hands of the marketeers who want us to instagram ever more lunch pictures and stylish status updates so that we feel like if we just achieve that perfect holiday location/recipe/outfit we'll gain the recognition we seek via likes, pins and favourites. 

But as I say, I don't want to take that cynical viewpoint.  I think it's more just about trying to show our truest selves with the filters off that exposes us and our humanity.  To try to live in the moment more instead of seeking the most instagrammable version of it. After all, maybe the laundry simply isn't getting done because I'm too busy tweeting pictures of baby45 requesting his retro darth vader pajamas in true humble brag style.

So I'm not at all confident I'll maintain a week's worth of blogging let alone a month but far be it from me not to share highlights of my day with you all such as baby45 barging into the toilet because he wants to "see the wee coming out mummy". You're looking forward to this now aren't you.. .

Thank you and goodnight

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  1. My unfiltered life today would be the mess down the loo from where I cleared a whole load of food (well, can of spray cream and half a jar of salsa) down the loo! .I really don't know how the blogsphere would have taken that one!

  2. Wah! That sounds.....technicolour. I won't ask how it got there :P

  3. Great idea! I have decided to go 'off filter' with social media pictures so my daughters don't grow up thinking everyone is unblemished and perfect - let's face it we all look like shit without Instagram filters...

    1. That's a good idea :) maybe I should do a daily no filter selfie eek!